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The living the dream team.

Glen Pointon – Founder and  concept designer.

Glen is an avid angler and fanatical fly fisher man, he has been fishing for most of his life in different  areas of angling, from coarse fish to carp and fly angling. He has a passion for fly fishing and has fished multiple locations worldwide. Glen first came up with the concept of a floating landing net back in 2013 and in 2014 produced the first prototypes. 
An electrician by trade Glen is also a fly fishing guide plying his trade on the rivers Dove, Wye and Churnet. Glen has the passion and tenacity to watch and study specimen trout and in recent years has been patient enough to land some magnificent fish. 
Glen is also a fantastic fly tier and has developed some excellent flies that have been very successful, soft touch shrimp, glow caddis, LTD caddis and the midge sipper. Check out the Flies section to see how to tie some of his flies.
Glen pointon catch and release net

Damian Robinson – Co-designer & manufacturer.

Damian has been involved in angling from an early age, spending his younger years coarse fishing in and around Staffordshire. In 2014 he was introduced to fly fishing through a friend and began to learn the arts of the sport, honing his skills on the River Dove in Ashbourne. Damian quickly realised his enjoyment of fly fishing and began reaching out to people to learn and get better, taking time to understand the entomology of the river. He is a very keen fly tyer and now makes all of his own flies. He enjoys meeting people as well as travelling to fish the rivers around the UK.
Damian is a qualified mechanical engineer and has used his skills and know how to help develop the catch and release net with Glen and produce a high quality product. In 2017 Damian and his wife relocated to Montana USA with work and continued to fly fish on the rivers in and around Bozeman. 
This unfortunately  meant a break from producing nets, but in 2020 Damian returned to the UK and began work on the Mark 5 net which was made available by the end of the year.
This In 2021 Damian worked of the upgraded Mk6 and this is the current version, available in both Black and Camo.