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Friends of the living the dream team.

Mallon & Green is a well-known shop in Bakewell, Derbyshire. The shop offers a unique selection of gifts, country attire, and lifestyle products including a whole floor dedicated to fly fishing. The shop is reputed for its curated collection of fly fishing items, ranging from low cost essentials to high end gear and accessories.

Mallon and Green has a charming atmosphere, a friendly welcome and above all else first class staff on hand dedicated to customer service.

The online shop also offers an opportunity to purchase an array of items across their range.

Andy Buckley has been with us from the start, helping us with reviews and suggestions. Andy runs a guiding business and has an excellent approach to fly fishing having been involved in angling from a very young age. He has worked and operated in the industry for many years and has established  a fantastic reputation as a top guide. Andy offers multiple options for guided fishing in and around the midlands area. 

Click on Andys picture to be directed to his website.

Tom Hunt is a great friend of ours and has supported the brand for a long time, he is the founder and owner at Hunts Original. He took fly floatant to another level and  has consistently supplied the industry with top quality products. Tom has recently added a number of  lines to his website promoting fly fishing products that match his ambition and high standards.

Click on Toms picture to be directed to his great website.

Uros Kristan first became involved in living the dream fly fishing after recieving a gift from his good friend Andy Buckley, that very gift was none only but the very first Mark 1 net. As the story goes Glens first creatation was given to Andy whilst they were out filming the review of the net on the River Dove. Andy used the net for a while and loved it, he took it with him on a fishing trip out to Slovenia whwre he met Uros. At the end of and incredible trip Andy gifted the net to Uros to thank him for such a wonderful time.

Uros has long supportred our brand and nets since that day and has purchased a number of nets for both him and his guides to use on the rivers of Slovenia. He is an ambassador of Keep Fish Wet and is a strong beliver in fishing conservation.